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Discriminatory Payouts – Why The Audience Matters

Posted by admin on December 6, 2018


Advertisements have become a constant occurrence, with a belief that by the time the average human turns 65 years old, they would have seen at least 2 million TV commercials alone. Online advertisements are not any less intrusive to the average consumer, as more likely than not you are subconsciously being fed an advertisement without realizing it as in the year 2017 alone, the digital advertising spending worldwide was a 229 billion dollar industry – with projections that estimate that to nearly double by the year 2020.

Without delving too in depth into the various aspects in which advertising online can be done, we will focus on the top two methods utilized by webmasters and publishers alike – the methods being that of Google Ads, and Facebook Ads.


Google Ads


To begin with, we will look into Google Ads as their presence currently exceeds all others in terms of searches, advertisement methods, and just over-all market domination. Google offers two different types of marketing strategies, one that is called the “Search network” which implements “paid searches” as a method to raise brand awareness, in which potential clients will be directed to your website/application within the first 10 searches (if not the top two, based on what you pay for) and as their client, you would be paying for the “pay-per-click” that potential clients would be costing you in order to access your services.

The other option that Google Ads offers is that of “Display network” in where you can apply banners or advertisements on your website that correlate to the services you offer in order to allow you a means to monetize your website further. These can further be split into two different types, native advertisements that simply blend in with your website and the overall look of it, and responsive advertisements that allow for logos/graphics to be applied alongside potentially attracting customers to it.


Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads, although not intended as a means to sell to clients is still considerably useful when it comes to advertising as although it’s a social network and not necessarily a search engine, it currently boasts over 2 billion monthly users, and that’s just Facebook on it’s own, excluding other applications currently under it’s umbrella such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Youtube. This ensures diversity and a large user base. Ads in this sense come in an organic method, integrated smoothly with the daily Facebook posts.

Ads can currently be viewed on mobile, desktop, and even through Facebook messenger, options include different goals intended to be achieved through these advertisement methods. It is considered that Facebook Ads offer you more diversity than Google Ads, be it lead generation, brand awareness, or more traffic to your website.


Pros of Google Ads


Instant results from Adwords
Exposure can be immense and targeted to key demographics
Budget can be small or big


Cons of Google Ads


Adverts have limitations
Competitive industries have higher cost per click for Search network based
Initial set up is complicated
Less control can mean lower traffic quality


Pros of Facebook Ads


Affordability (minimum required daily budget is $1)
Ease of use
Customer loyalty


Cons of Facebook Ads


Requires market expertise
Lack of organic views
Commitment required / time consumption (a strategy is required)




Dependent on what you are looking for in terms of monetization, you have choices available to you that exceed just the two listed here, however as these two are currently the top two competitors in the digital marketing industry it seemed fitting to compare and contrast the two in order to see what is currently available in order to allow one to monetize. With both Google and Facebook, unfortunately statistics have proven that non-organic searches are skimmed over, as although it may fit what the user is searching for or in search of, due to the fact that the ad is blatant, it would likely be ignored. This unfortunately leads to a lack of traffic being diverted to the website/application in question, and as such the webmaster unfortunately ends up paying for nothing.

On the other hand, using our monetization method, you are likely to see incoming revenue as long as you have a steady stream of traffic enabling you to earn money simply through traffic and session duration on your website/application.