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Gath3r Article Contest

Posted by admin on May 19, 2019





What do you have to do? Write a high quality unbiased article in English about Gath3r and publish it online on a medium of your choice (you must be able to provide a working link for review).

How does it work? Terms and Conditions can be read here:


What is the prize?


First place prize gets 5000 USD worth of GTH coins, vested 25% every two weeks from the listing date.


What are the rules?

–        In-depth analysis of one of these subjects related to the Gath3r platform – Merged Mining ; Masternodes/Staking ; Web Mining

–        Article must be unbiased;

–        Minimum 700 words;

–        Article must be uploaded to Twitter, tag @Gath3r_io and use the HashTag #Gath3r, links will be sent to, along with all relevant details: full name, contact details. The article should also show the date it was written or published;

–        High level of English ( All articles to be written in English );

–        No plagiarism (will be checked);


How are the winners Chosen? All submissions will be collected by email and passed on to upper management for evaluation. 3 articles will be shortlisted, out of which 1 will be decided the winner of the prize. The winner will be contacted privately 72 hours for the announcement of winners date.


Who decides who wins? Judges: Gath3r team.


How many Winners are there? Only one article is rewarded.


When do we announce the winners? 03/06/19


Judging Criteria:


Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • 70% article quality
  • 30% social engagement