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Gath3r Foundation & Apereum Partnership Announcement

Posted by admin on May 22, 2019



The Gath3r Foundation announces it has entered a partnership with Apereum, in view of the provision of services that will be related to the functioning and development of the entity.


Apereum is a renowned United States consultancy firm with decades of experience in everything from technology, finance, accounting and administration to organizational structure, legal, compliance and even sales and marketing.

With a strong track record of partnerships, such as BaseTwo Ventures, AION and GoChain, as well as a focus on emerging companies and start-ups.


One of the key aspects of the partnership will be based upon assisting the Gath3r Foundation. As an independent entity, part of the capital raised during the token sale will be allocated to the Gath3r Foundation. The main purpose of the Foundation will be to allocate grants (both in GTH and FIAT) to promising projects or developers who wish to build on the Gath3r blockchain. Additionally, their secondary objective is to act as custodian and deploy funds if/when needed to benefit the ecosystem. Gath3r’s holding company will be independent of the foundation and will have no control over it. This will be exerted by a board made of third party shareholders, as well as some of the Gath3r executives, to ensure fairness and transparency.


Apereum’s consultancy service towards the Gath3r Foundations will be, including but not limited to, providing high level due diligence (Apereum’s Accreditation) on prospective equity investments, financial and legal review of prior investments made in efforts to de-risk the Portfolio, provide individual professional services, and provide guidance on management and controls of the Foundation.


This is only the latest in a long string of strategic partnerships for Gath3r, with many more expected to come in the near future. Stay connected by following our social channels and our blog for new announcements.