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Gath3r Infographic Contest

Posted by admin on May 19, 2019





Design and publish on Twitter an infographic detailing the Gath3r ecosystem or one or more of the platform’s main features (Merged Mining with the combination of a Web-miner ; Staking/Masternodes ; Hybrid Blockchain, Aux POW). The infographic should fit the A4 format and details the main uses of Gath3r or it’s features. Formats for submission should be PNG/JPEG as well as the open file in AI/PSD formats.

How does it work? Terms and Conditions can be read here:


What is the Prize:


First place prize gets 5000 USD worth of GTH coins, vested 25% every two weeks from the listing date.


What are the rules?


You are free to present whatever information you wish, however here are some examples of preferred topics:

  • Overview of the Gath3r platform and/or explore any one of the main features, like: Merged Mining with the combination of a Web-miner ; Staking/Masternodes ; Hybrid Blockchain, Aux POW ;
  • What issues can Gath3r address? (select one as a use case study or have a general graphic of what types of platforms can use Gath3r).
  • The infographic must be uploaded to Twitter, tag @Gath3r_io and use the HashTag #Gath3r, links will be sent to, along with all relevant contact details as well.


How are the winners Chosen?


All submissions will be collected by email and passed on to upper management for evaluation. 3 infographs will be shortlisted, out of which 1 will be decided the winner of the prize. The winner will be contacted privately 72 hours for the announcement of winners date.


How many Winners are there? Only one infograph is rewarded.


Who decides who wins? Judges: Gath3r team.


Judging Criteria:

Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • 30% Presentation and use of information
  • 30% Creativity and Visual Design
  • 40% Explanation of technical aspects


When do we announce the winners? No later than 20/06/19


You can access the brand assets here: