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Gath3r & Metalyfe Partnership Announcement

Posted by admin on May 19, 2019


We are proud to announce the newest addition to our strategic partnerships, the Metalyfe blockchain browser.

Metalyfe is a private and secure internet browser, based on the blockchain technology. First and foremost it ensures that user data such as login information or browsing data remains private, inaccessible to third parties that can use it for malicious activities or for selling to advertising entities.

In an era when giant companies like Facebook and Google base their revenue model on collecting, storing, categorizing and selling user data, such a platform is most welcome in providing an alternative to users that do not condone this type of activity.

Metalyfe already has working applications for Windows, Mac, Linux and even a mobile app. Their ecosystem is based on the technology of their cryptocurrency, Lyfecoin. This is the native token of the Metalyfe blockchain. The main use of their coin is to allow users that generate data to choose if they want it to be shared an get compensated for it directly in Lyfecoins. This is entirely up to the user and, as opposed to Google or Facebook’s models, it allows for users to actually get compensated if they choose to sell their browsing data.

Gath3r and Metalyfe

The partnership between our two platforms implies that Metalyfe will use Gath3r’s web mining features within their browser, creating a whole new revenue stream for the ecosystem. Users will have the option to allow background spare computational mining or not, while being indemnified for it should they choose to allow it.

In turn, Gath3r will benefit from the generated revenues in the form of a commission, as well as having our technology propagated into yet another external ecosystem. At no point will there be any data collection implied in the whole process.

This is yet another productive partnership and application of the two technologies, that will surely benefit both platforms, as well as their users and stakeholders. Stay tuned to our social channels for more future announcements of exciting new partnerships!