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Gath3r Weekly Updates – Edition 5 | 08/08/2019

Posted by admin on August 8, 2019


Hello everyone and welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly Update Blog, covering everything from marketing, partnerships, tech and other general developments that happened over the past week.

As such, below are some of the most important updates we wish to share with you.

Also, don’t miss the video summary presented by our CEO, Reggie:





Fundamental Analysis Report is Out


Proof Of Review has finished their Fundamental Analysis Report on the entire Gath3r platform, which can be viewed here. Check it out!



ASAP Pvt. Ltd. Partnership


ASAP Pvt. Ltd. is a large company focused primarily on providing drilling fluids for the Oil&Gas industry in India, among a suite of other services tailored for this industry. It was established in 2010 and has quickly grown into a driving force in its niche within one of the most powerful industries in the world.

They will use a new solution (Compute Power As A Service, check out more details in our previous update, here) developed by Gath3r in order to facilitate the processing of their data, by taking advantage of the computational power generated  from the publishers using Gath3r. This will essentially lower their operational costs incurred from processing said data.

We have named this new solution Compute Power As A Service (CPaaS). CPaaS is an alternate mechanism/alternate source of computer power at a significantly lower cost and higher flexibility in use, coming from Gath3r’s network of publishers.



Blockfyre IEO Report


In anticipation of our upcoming IEO, our trusted partners at Blockfyre have concluded a report covering all the relevant aspects of conducting an IEO, complete with ratings. Check it out here. We will be announcing all the updates regarding the IEO on all our social channels as soon as we can, so stay tuned. Best place to keep in touch and ask us anything would be our Telegram channel.



These are the latest updates from this past week, stay connected until next week, when we will be releasing a new one with even more exciting news.