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Gath3r Script Detailed Implementation Instructions

Posted by admin on December 3, 2018

    In order to make the implementation process more accessible for those who wish to implement themselves or simply need some assistance, we have made this blog post in the way of facilitating the overall accessibility of the process. After applying to our Early Adopters Program (EAP) and getting whitelisted by us, you would need to generate a code form the dashboard at and implement it like in the following instructions (regular websites and WordPress – video):  …

Adblock Extension And Its Impact On The Ad Industry

Posted by admin on November 29, 2018

    On an average day, an individual is exposed to roughly 5000 advertisements. These adverts can come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from banner ads to full on pop up adverts. This can not only interrupt a user’s task, but also completely ruin the whole experience for them, tarnishing not only the website or application, but the brand in question itself. Internet users have become so sick and tired of being bombarded with this constant harassment that…

Cookies and Data Collection

Posted by admin on November 22, 2018

  On the internet you might feel as though you’re anonymous, just another user who is faceless, nameless, and lacks any sort of electronic footprint. However, that may not entirely be the case, as with each and every website you visit, a small profile is built up about you and that is done so in the form of cookies.   Cookies are relatively harmless, as will be clarified later on, however, the impact that these cookies can have on your…

Why We Do A Compliance Check On Websites/Apps

Posted by admin on November 19, 2018

    Our aim is for web mining to be a norm in today’s digital world, to provide websites, application and hardware providers an alternative form of monetization, we believe that the current forms of monetization are broken, highly intrusive and invades user privacy. Web mining in today’s context has been maligned by multiple bad actors in the space and is moreover viewed as malware. To overcome the current atmosphere associated with web mining, Gath3r has chosen to follow a…

Sponsored Articles

Posted by admin on November 15, 2018

  In this day and age, people are able to get millions of different sources of information about any given subject at the simple touch of a button. One search on any search engine will instantly pull up an array of blog posts, interviews, articles and more that are all linked to the keywords that the user has searched. It is then up to the user to filter through all of the results and open up the information that is…

Online Censorship

Posted by admin on November 12, 2018

  Censorship is defined as the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information, on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or “inconvenient” as determined by a government or private institution. Internet censorship can be further defined as the control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the Internet enacted by regulators, or on their own initiative. Basically, censorship ensures that we only see what we are allowed to see.  While many…

Net Neutrality

Posted by admin on November 8, 2018

  The internet has become a staple in near enough every household, people can access the internet through their phones, laptops, tablets, consoles, computers and even TV’s and smart watches – and in roughly the past 10 years, a topic has been sparked in regards to network (or net) neutrality. This mainly began when Donald Trump came into administration, appointing Ajit Pai head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Who is Ajit Pai you may ask? Ajit Pai was a…

Click Fraud In The Digital Ad Industry

Posted by admin on November 1, 2018

    On the 27th October 1994, the first documented online advertisement was recorded. HotWired, now, used a short and sweet banner at the top of their website which simply said “Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will.” While this might not seem like much now, this was one of a kind in 1994 and actually went on to start an advertising revolution. Not only was the idea genius, it also allowed for statistics and data analysis,…

Posted by admin on October 29, 2018

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Meet The Gath3r Team !

Posted by admin on October 25, 2018

    Want to know how Gath3r come to be? Well, our founder – Raghav ‘Reggie’ Jerath built on an idea first introduced by Coinhive, but in noticing that without user consent the idea would fail, he decided to implement a few tweaks and correct the problems he saw to come up with the idea of Gath3r – as a means to not only implement a non-intrusive method of monetization, but to also be used additionally as a scalable monetization…