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Gath3r Update Blog – Edition 9 | 25/09/2019

Posted by admin on September 25, 2019

We’re excited to release the latest issue of our bi-monthly update blog, covering everything from marketing, partnerships, tech and other general developments.

As such, here are some of the most important updates from the past two weeks we wish to share with you.


Also, don’t miss the below summary presented by our CEO, Reggie and a tech update discussed by our CTO, Ashesh Koul:




XMR Web-Miner Applications Will Reopen 


  • Great news! Due to the large number of applications and inquiries we are still receiving, we have decided to reopen the XMR web-miner. We will announce the exact date very soon so stay tuned! Currently the miner is being updated to support the latest monero fork and we should be done very soon. You can start applying for the EAP here.
* Please keep in mind the XMR web-miner will only be profitable if you have a large website or long durations of visits (a large part of the reason of why we pivoted to building our own chain). However, we invite everyone to check out the UI/UX and see what the whole experience will be like and potentially earn in the process. It is also important to mention that since our tech team has been busy working on the main chain, the XMR miner was not updated to the latest fork. As such, we are working on updating and making it live.



Gath3r’s New Marketing & Business Development Manager


  • We’re excited to announce a new addition to our team, our new Marketing & Business Development Manager. Savo Vukcevic, with an impressive track record of working with some of the biggest crypto projects out there, such as Bitcoin Private, has joined us with the purpose of further developing our network of partnerships, chain integrations and general marketing processes.. 



Weekly Series On The State Of The Advertising Industry


  • The first two editions of the series are already out (check them out on our blog). The third edition will be coming out tomorrow so stay glued to our social channels, as we will be announcing it on all of them as soon as it comes out. You can also check it out on The Daily Chain.



The Daily Chain Twitter AMA


  • The AMA will be ending this week so make sure you get any last minute questions over to us. It will be released next week. Follow on Twitter for live updates and don’t forget to participate here.



Ambassador Program


  • If you think you might be the right person to spread the word about the Gath3r platform and services, make sure to apply to our Ambassador Program on our website. The program is split into three main areas so depending on you professional specialty you could become part of our team. Check it out!