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Gath3r at the Dubai Startup Battle

Posted by admin on December 11, 2019




Our team has been present at the Dubai Startup Battle event organized by Startup.Network and Silicon Valley Syndicate Club, which took place on the 10th of December. 

Our CEO, Reggie Jerath, sustained a detailed presentation about our platform in front of many investors and entrepreneurs, with the purpose of raising awareness about the industry’s problems and the solutions Gath3r offer to those problems.


It has been an outstanding experience for us and we believe this kind of event offers an opportunity for any startup to gain exposure and expand their network. We are trying to attend as many as we can, so stay glued to our social channels as we will announce any upcoming presence to conference events in advance and maybe you can catch us there. Check out our pages to see photos and get a glimpse of the experience and we hope to see you at the next one.


Startup Battle


The event is at its 176th edition, having been organized in numerous cities across the world, in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. It brings together angel investors and representatives from venture funds with the aim of helping projects gain exposure and even raise funds. 

There are over 100 startups that have gained investment from these events to date.

Aside from an investment standpoint, it is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to expand their networks by meeting potential clients and partners, get practical advice from experienced venture capital professionals, as well as gaining exposure by presenting the project in front of an interested audience.




Gath3r looks to democratise the compute power industry by harnessing the power of spare processing capacity of publishers for the benefit of businesses, blockchains, developers and webmasters. Through the use of spare processing power generated by publishers, Gath3r is able to help secure and launch blockchains by use of merged mining, while at the same time, businesses and enterprises can use Gath3r for their processing needs as a cheaper alternative as compared to today’s centralized solutions, all while providing an alternate form of monetization for publishers. The Gath3r blockchain is powered by the GTH cryptographic currency which facilitates payments and transactions within the hybrid ecosystem.


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