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Gath3r & Finple Partnership

Posted by admin on October 15, 2019




We are proud to announce the latest in a series of exciting business partnerships and introduce our latest partner, Finple.


Finple, part of the Super Alki Foundation, is a crowdfunding platform that seamlessly introduces blockchain technology into the business of investing into companies and venture capital distribution. 

It facilitates the processes involved, removing middlemen and effectively acting as a bank, providing much needed financial support to projects, facilitating quick and easy growth.


Gath3r will provide technology to the Finple ecosystem with the aim of providing POW to the other Dapps on the FINPLE ecosystem, as well as potentially creating a bridge so that Dapps (when live) on Gath3r can interact and integrate with Dapps on the FINPLE platform seamlessly.


The Finple project is headed by Mr. Kang-ho Cho, Super Alki CEO, who was quoted as saying about this new partnership:


“I am very excited to have Gath3r be part of the FINPLE ecosystem. Having Gath3r’s POW capability within the FINPLE ecosystem will benefit all the other Dapps connected to the platform”.


Gath3r looks to democratise the compute power industry by harnessing the power of spare processing capacity of publishers for the benefit of businesses, blockchains, developers and webmasters. Through the use of spare processing power generated by publishers, Gath3r is able to help secure and launch blockchains by use of merged mining, while at the same time, businesses and enterprises can use Gath3r for their processing needs as a cheaper alternative as compared to today’s centralized solutions, all while providing an alternate form of monetization for publishers. The Gath3r blockchain is powered by the GTH cryptographic currency which facilitates payments and transactions within the hybrid ecosystem.


We believe this to be a very beneficial collaboration, creating value for both parties, as well as their respective stakeholders and clients and are excited to announce future updates about it.