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Gath3r Hires New Business Development Manager

Posted by admin on October 1, 2019



We at the Gath3r team are dedicated to continuously improving every aspect of our project, and in accordance with that we have decided to expand our team and bring onboard cryptocurrency expert Savo Vukcevic as our new Business Development Manager.


His professional experience within the cryptocurrency industry is expansive and since 2017, Savo has worked with many prominent projects including Bitcoin Private (BTCP), STASIS (EURS), ANON, Phore (PHR) and others, primarily in business development and operational management, but also in other high level areas of work and activity.


Savo’s role within our team will mainly include responsibilities and duties which relate to business development, including expanding our partnership network, working to build on top of and expand our ecosystem, finding new projects that can leverage our technology or vice versa, as well as cross-promotion opportunities. Alongside this, his area of work will also include using his expertise and experience to improve our approach and position when it comes to general marketing, strategy, and community building. 

Here’s what Savo had to say for our blog after signing his contract and joining the team, when we asked him to comment on how he views his new position and what it means to him to be a part of Gath3r:


I’m incredibly happy to be here and to be able to work on Gath3r and help make it even better. This is probably the most excited I’ve been for a blockchain project in a very long while. I really believe Gath3r is the next big thing and will go down as one of the most culturally relevant projects in all of crypto and blockchain. Projects like this are very important for the industry, especially during the current market climate where many people think that only a significant rise in mainstream mass adoption can lift the spirits of market participants and put some buy pressure on the order books if you will. Gath3r aims to revolutionize a very big and a very important industry, what we plan to do with web mining and how we plan to change the way websites operate and the way they’re monetized helps everyone, the publishers, the website owners, the visitors, the advertisers, everyone. My vision and my goal is to build a robust ecosystem and not just be another web mining project and I’m happy the Gath3r team shares this vision because that’s the type of thinking and mentality that we need in this space. I believe the community is the most important aspect of every blockchain project. I can’t wait to get started and I’m convinced that we will be able to do some great things for Gath3r, for our community and for the industry altogether.’’


Savo has already started working on evaluating Gath3r’s current situation, drafting a short term strategy and taking on his other tasks as the Business Development Manager so we are confident that choosing him for this role will only help the further expansion of our platform and ecosystem as well as increasing our overall public and brand awareness. We welcome Savo to our team and wish him the best of luck at his position within the Gath3r core team.