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Gath3r & Isegoria Partnership Announcement

Posted by admin on January 6, 2020




We’re proud to announce the latest in our string of business partnerships – news and media platform, Isegoria. As an independent, blockchain-based news platform, Isegoria and Gath3r’s products are a good match, creating value for both sides. Through this collaboration, Isegoria would use our web-mining feature to help monetize their website, thus cutting off or reducing the old issue of ad revenue dependency.


Isegoria’s mission is to not only provide a space for independent, uncensored and decentralized news and media, but also introduce a funding mechanism so that the creators can be properly remunerated without relying on influencing funding sources. This would create a perfect environment for real and unbiased journalism, which is a breath of fresh air in today’s biased news and misinformation-riddled world of media.


Reggie Jerath, Gath3r CEO’s thoughts on the new partnership:


We strongly believe in what Isegoria is doing and that their mission is one which should be widely supported and promoted. Moreover, Gath3r’s vision is ideally aligned with this, as we are also trying to disrupt the influence of huge corporations over content creator’s funding sources. It is by no means an easily achievable goal, but this partnership is definitely a big step in the right direction.”


Sam Eaton, Isegoria CMO added:


I’m excited to be partnering with Gath3r and implementing an innovative way to monetize our content while maintaining a high quality user experience.


About Isegoria


Founded by the award winning investigative journalist Ben Swann, Isegoria blends an experienced team of media professionals with an innovative use of blockchain technology to create a decentralized and independent news space. As such, there are two facets to Isegoria’s project – the 24 hour live streaming platform, covering all the latest and most important events and the treasury which will be used to fund independent creators, who will be continuously contributing content. 

As the US media industry, the largest in the world, is more and more controlled by a handful of large corporations, projects like this are of paramount importance when it comes to the freedom of the press and the free flow of important information. 

This mission will be facilitated by the partnership with Gath3r, as our web mining solution can help alleviate the issue of generating revenue through a revolutionary approach.   


About Gath3r


Gath3r is revolutionizing the compute power industry by harnessing the power of spare processing capacity of publishers for the benefit of businesses, blockchains, developers and webmasters. Through the use of spare processing power generated by publishers, Gath3r is able to help secure and launch blockchains by use of merged mining, while at the same time, businesses and enterprises can use Gath3r for their processing needs as a cheaper alternative as compared to today’s centralized solutions, all while providing an alternate form of monetization for publishers. 


This is an exciting partnership for us, one that is sure to reciprocally bring value to the parties involved as well as their respective stakeholders and clients. Stay glued to our social channels with more to follow as we grow our network and ecosystem.