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Gath3r & Luxcore Partnership

Posted by admin on May 14, 2019



We’re excited to announce our newest partnership with Luxcore, a very comprehensive project, which has been around for many years, providing a complex blockchain ecosystem made up of several products and services.


First off, let’s delve into Luxcore’s technology stack and cutting edge products. The platform runs on its own blockchain, based on the innovative PHI2 algorithm, used as the base for their product offerings. These include the open source LUX Coin, listed and tradeable on two exchanges, as well as the Lux Web Wallet and Lux Mobile Wallet, which basically entail a free, proof-of-stake storage solution for LUX users.

In addition, the Lux explorer, newly redesigned, offers a high level of transparency as well as analytics capabilities for the entire network. You can check it out for yourself here.


Luxcore’s upcoming products include a P2P DEX called LuxGate, coming out in Q3 2019, enabling trading between separate blockchains, in a completely decentralized manner. Additionally, the Parallel Masternodes, coming out in Q2 2019, are aimed at providing an extremely useful feature for businesses and even governments, in terms of encrypting and storing sensitive information.


These exciting products and features are all backed by an extremely strong team of about 20 experts, led by their CEO, none other that Mr. John McAfee. Their professional background and expertise speaks for itself and will surely provide a very robust partnership for Gath3r.


In terms of the partnership between Gath3r and LUX, the products complement each other in creating extra value for the end users as well as the networks themselves. The Lux Mobile Wallet allows websites and website users (via the loyalty program) to automatically earn interest on their stakes.  In turn, LUX will use our Merged Mining feature as an additional way of securing their hashrate and network when rolled out and ready.


This mutually beneficial partnership is sure to add value to the users of both platforms, increasing profitability, security and functionality for everyone involved.