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Gath3r Weekly Updates – Edition 4 | 02/08/2019

Posted by admin on August 1, 2019

We’re excited to release the latest issue of our weekly update blog, covering everything from marketing, partnerships, tech and other general developments.

As such, here are some of the most important updates from this week we wish to share with you:

Also, don’t miss the below summary presented by our CEO, Reggie, accompanied by our CTO, Ashesh:




Fundamental Analysis Report Coming Out Shortly


  • As previously announced, one of the most comprehensive analyses made on Gath3r, will be coming out in the next few days. It has been completed by the guys at Proof of Review and will be shared on all of our social channels as soon as it’s officially published. Don’t miss out and delve into the intricacies of the Gath3r ecosystem.


First Enterprise Partnership


  • Gath3r is very close to unveiling its first enterprise partner. Introducing a new revenue stream, through offering a unique solution through our platform to take advantage of the computing power gained from publishers and applications to the benefit of their business by reducing the operational costs of processing their data both on-premise and in the Cloud. The solution in question is named Compute Power As A Service (CPaaS). CPaaS is an alternate mechanism/alternate source of compute power at a significantly lower cost and higher flexibility in use, coming from Gath3r’s network of publishers.


Tech Update


Summary of Last Update 

We were up with our own parent and child vanilla blockchains and were evaluating different open source software for mining-pool trying to find the right fit for our scenario. A live demo of both chains was successfully presented to the entire team.

Progress Since Last Update 

Good news! Over the past two weeks we have continued experimenting with different options available out there, and finalized merged mining between the two GTH blockchains. We have used NOMP for the mining pool along with the CPU miner, for now. That’s a major milestone accomplished and completes our PoC for merged mining. Take a look at below’s diagram for a visualization of the process:


As presented in the last tech update, the approach has been centered around the fact that users that will develop their new blockchains through Gath3r and automatically forking from the auxiliary chain, would inherit the codebase and hence the ability to merge mine with the Gath3r parent. Following up, the next logical approach has been to test and experiment all available solutions out there in order to reach this milestone which will prove invaluable for the coming building blocks of the platform.








Using CPU miner hashes are generated and submitted to NOMP, as seen above




The Child Chain ( GTHXcoin ) hash





The above image shows the Child Chains’ ( GTHXCoin ) hash included in the Parent Coin ( GTHCoin ):





Next Steps 

Based on the approach we are following that was shared a couple of weeks ago, the next step from here is to integrate this PoC outcome with the Web Miner solution that was developed earlier and is in use currently. That would also require us to change the algorithm for the just concluded merged mining PoC and use the one that’s compatible with the web miner.



These are the latest updates from this past week, stay connected until next week, when we will be releasing a new one with even more exciting news.