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Gath3r Weekly Updates – Edition 6 | 16/08/2019

Posted by admin on August 15, 2019


In this edition of the weekly update blog we will cover Gath3r’s new solution and take a more in-depth look at what it entails. We’re excited to present Compute Power As A Service (CPaaS), as a new revenue stream for Gath3r and another way to  resolve enterprise’s data processing concerns.

Also, don’t miss the below summary presented by our CEO, Reggie:



What is CPaaS (Compute Power as a Service)


It essentially is a mechanism that serves as an alternate source of computing power obtained at a significantly lower cost. Gath3r is offering a unique solution through our platform, by which businesses can leverage the computing power gained from publishers and applications to the benefit of their business by reducing the operational costs of processing their data both on-premise and in the Cloud. 


How does it work


External source / Cloud Based – Use Gath3r’s pool of compute power that comes from web mining of participating publishers, as seen in the diagram below:




On-premise/ Internal source: We are in talks with multiple tech companies that would first trial this service using their internal computing power, before using Gath3r external cloud:




We already have interest expressed in this solution by a number of businesses and have partnered with one (check out this previous update blog) to use it in the near future. The advantages for any business are clear and we expect high demand in the coming months as development progresses. Companies using CPaaS would pay Gath3r directly in USD, of which the majority would be paid back to publishers, and the remainder would be for Gath3r.