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New Year, New Updates

Posted by admin on April 4, 2019



It’s been a while since we have spoken about what’s being going at Gath3r, so this blog is meant to serve as a teaser for great things to come.


Some background: Our original ICO was planned for the last quarter of last year, however due to the bear market and decline in crypto currency prices and general negative sentiment surrounding initial coin offerings and crypto currency in general, we decided to take a call and postpone our public sale until market conditions are more favorable. As with many other projects in this space we had limited funds and had to decide how to best use them. We chose to limit marketing and spend more on building out Gath3r and continue paying our developers.


Now as sentiment is starting to turn and we are seeing renewed interest in cryptocurrencies, you can expect a great many things to come in a short span of time. Some of these announcements will include new public sale dates, a number of partnerships and customers,  new senior and junior team members and board members, a crucial and very exciting new feature for Gath3r (which we believe the community will love).


You can expect us to start making some announcements within the next few weeks! While we may have been quiet on the marketing side and not saying much, rest assured our team has been hard at work making new partnerships and building out Gath3r.  We would like to thank all of our supporters for keeping faith and confidence in us.


Stay tuned to our Social Media channels for our upcoming announcements!


With love,

The Gath3r Team