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The Expansion of The Internet of Blockchains IOB – The Xrouter

Posted by admin on April 25, 2019


The Internet of Blockchains is a concept widely discussed in the space for years. It entails a protocol that would make separate and totally different blockchains interoperable. That way, different blockchain apps can work together to create extremely complex ecosystems.

One of the most exciting developments in this area has recently been the Xrouter technology from Blocknet.

Simply put, XRouter allows for the monetization of inter-chain and multi-chain services.

It was designed from the ground up to provide interoperability with ANY and ALL blockchains, including all DTL and private chains such as IOTA, Hashgraph, Hyperledger, and D3. There is no limit on the data XRouter can consume and verify – including any external data source in an oraclized manner. XRouter is not limited in any way, shape, or form and is compatible with all blockchains. By allowing blockchains to integrate with each other (directly chain to chain, without being a middleman to the data itself), XRouter gives people, companies, industries, and developers the ability to utilize different blockchains for any dApp they desire and decentralizes the API ecosystem.

Some of its most important applications can be seen in areas such as;

  • Supply Chains
  • Storage and Hosting
  • Media and Content
  • Markets
  • Business and Industry
  • Certifications

This type of technology is one of the best examples of what the crypto space needs, in order to evolve to the next level.

As with the internet, interoperability is the main advantage of the technology, allowing for worldwide mixing and matching of different ideas, platforms and applications.