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Hello World : The State of Advertising – Edition Zero

Posted by admin on September 18, 2019



Advertising has been around for centuries, from men on the neighborhood corners handing out black and white flyers, to travelling caravan road shows. Advertising is everywhere, it’s meant to provide a communication and discovery channel for brands. Alas in the last decade advertising has arguably taken a turn for the worst.


While many regard the golden ages of advertising as pre 2000,  ie the “Mad Men” era, today’s landscape is a far cry from the golden days of lucky strikes and winning big accounts to today’s privacy invasive and unethical data collection centered advertising. This is apparent from the rise of ad blockers to the upheaval happening within legacy agencies. Where creativity has no place, and everyone and everything is just a number.


Many consumers don’t really understand digital ads and how big of an impact on your life they have, and as such we ( Alex and Reggie ) will be co authoring a new series aimed to help readers understand the complex landscape. The series, aptly titled the State Of Advertising will mainly talk about the different issues at play while also explaining the basics so that even your grandma would understand.


Our objective is to give you, the reader, actionable insights, so that you have a better understanding of the digital realm and with such knowledge are able to take more informed decisions, whether it’s purchasing a product, know when you are being sold to or know when your data is being collected ( and how to stop it ). Your Hosts:



Alex has six years of experience working in advertising for some of the biggest media agencies in the business in WPP and Omnicom. Later in his career he worked for an independent games company and tech startups Snapchat and Twitch. He worked in the ad operations team which meant he was exposed to data collection, reporting and analysis. Alex is now the CEO and Founder of The Daily Chaina news publication providing fresh insight into the world of crypto and blockchain. 





Reggie has had stints in Publicis Groupe and WPP agencies, his roles involved client servicing, copywriting, data analytics and insights. Before working in advertising, Reggie was the regional manager for a large Oil and Gas firm, based in northern and southern Iraq. Reggie is also active in the startup ecosystem, having previously founded a Tech enabled logistics platform and currently advising another startup. Reggie is the CEO & Founder of Gath3r An Alternate Form of Monetization For Publishers using blockchain.




Ever felt like you were thinking about something and then you see an Ad for it? 


The first article in the series is authored by Alex and will be coming out in the next edition. Keep glued to both the Daily Chain and the Gath3r blog to know how and why retargeting ads work.


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